More Item Details

Display a single item or your entire eBay store. Let your visitors search and filter all of your active items, displaying full item details and images right on your site.

Earn Commissions

Enter an ePN Campaign ID and start earning affiliate commissions from eBay when one of your visitors clicks through to eBay and makes a purchase.

Ad Blocker Friendly

You no longer need to worry that some of your site visitors aren't seeing your eBay items. With ANPro, your eBay items will not be hidden by ad blocking software.

Search Engine Readable

By self-hosting ANPro, search engines will be able to read the eBay item details you choose to display on your site.

Highly Customisable

ANPro gives you the power to choose which items you want to display and how you want them to look. There are many options to choose from, as well as editable templates. Advanced users can easily create their own templates with HTML and CSS.

Add Anywhere

ANPro can display your eBay items as many times as you like on a single page. Add items using widgets, on the edit page or integrate directly into your theme.

Coming Soon!

Hi, I'm Joe and I created Auction Nudge in 2008. Ten years later I am happy to announce Auction Nudge Pro.

I originally developed Auction Nudge for my personal website, where I wanted to display a feed of my active eBay items. I thought there might be other eBay sellers out there trying to do the same thing, so I released it as a free widget. Auction Nudge has since helped over 30,000 eBay sellers to promote their eBay items.

I have enjoyed the challenge and responsibility of growing Auction Nudge from a simple side project into a service that makes displaying your eBay content on a website easy. I have also enjoyed hearing from Auction Nudge users, who's feedback have provided many feature ideas, prompted improvements and often flattered.

Occasionally however I would receive a question or idea that I was unable assist with, either because of a technical limitation or because it would make Auction Nudge too complicated for most users. Eventually, the list of often requested features got too long to ignore.

I created ANPro as a way to offer these features. Starting for scratch and developing specifically for WordPress I was able to sidestep the limitations of the past and cater to users who want more out of Auction Nudge. Once launched, you will be able to purchase the WordPress plugin to self-host all ANPro functionality on your site.

If you would like to be notified when ANPro is launched, please use the "Get Notified" form. All feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


And don't worry, the free version of Auction Nudge isn't going anywhere.

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I respect your privacy and will never spam you. I will try to reply directly to all feedback and feature requests. Signing up for the notification means you will receive one email when ANPro is launched. If you request to join the mailing list you may receive 1-2 emails a year about ANPro developments, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.